Stop the Cull T-Shirt Launched for National Badger Week!

Support the Badger Trust for National Badger Week

To celebrate National Badger Week this week – 24th June to 1st July 2017 – we’ve launched a bold new and bang on-trend retro message tee for you to make a statement and stand up for Britain’s beloved badgers.

All this week 20% of our profits from all our badger t-shirts (we got some other fab badgery t-shirt designs too) will be donated to the Badger Trust to help end the controversial badger cull.


Why we need to stop the cull

The UK’s badgers are threatened by a roll-out of the badger cull which has been deemed by leading Scientific bodies, vets and wildlife experts to be an inhumane, indiscriminate, costly and ineffective way to fight bovine TB.

bTB is a disease which affects many cows (particularly here in the South West) who are usually sadly slaughtered as soon as they test positive, along with most of their herd. But badgers are just one of many animals who can carry the disease. There are also indications that culling can actually spread bTB further as frightened badgers flee the shooting zones into neighbouring land.

Culling just doesn’t make sense so we want to do our bit…

Cows are cool but so are badgers!

As you may have noticed we particularly love cows, in fact we got one on our logo! So why do we still want to stop the badger cull? Because we believe that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, and that culling any animal should be the absolutely last resort. We want to support the Badger Trust in their efforts to stop the cull – for good – and to promote more effective and humane alternatives to the cull that will help badgers and cows too.

Wear your tee with pride and help us protect this iconic species for future generations before its too late!

Order by 1 July to support National Badger Week 2017!


Save the Vaquita! New limited edition eco-friendly t-shirts launch for World Oceans Day


8th June is World Oceans Day, so we decided to launch a new limited edition eco-friendly t-shirt to raise awareness to help Save the Vaquita.

The Vaquita meaning “little cow of the sea” (also often referred to as the “panda of the sea” due its gorgeous distinctive panda eyes!) is the world’s smallest cetacean (which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises). Living on the Gulf of California, Mexico, these little porpoises have the unenviable label of being the most endangered marine animal on the planet with only 23 estimated remaining in the wild.

Save the Vaquita t-shirt

With award winning traceability from seed to shop, our t-shirts are sweatshop-free and made with organic materials in ethically accredited wind-powered factories. Our tees are also printed with environmentally friendly inks using low waste state-of-the-art print-on-demand technology powered by Teemill – which is better for people, our planet and of course our animals.

Of course supporting sustainable t-shirts that aim to raise awareness for a great cause is just the start!…

20% of our profits from our LIMITED EDITION ‘Viva La Vaquita’ t-shirts will be donated to two amazing organisations – ¡VIVA Vaquita! and Whale and Dolphin Conservation – to support their work to help Vaquitas from being entangled, abandoned and drowned by illegal and lost fishing nets and gillnets which are driving them towards extinction.

This week it has been reported that the Mexican government has committed to banning gillnets permanently and developing new vaquita-safe fishing gear (thanks partly we believe to encouragement by the awesome Leo DeCaprio!). Great news indeed and well done to all the amazing organisations that campaigned to make this happen, and who are needed now more than ever to make sure this is enforced.

Our limited edition Vaquita t-shirts are available for 1 month only!
Hurry – order by 8 July when we celebrate International Save the Vaquita Day.


Nurture Your Mother’s Nature This Mother’s Day with our wildlife inspired soft organic tops

If you’re looking for a last minute but lovely gift for Mother’s Day this weekend there’s still time* to treat your Mum to our new supersoft, flattering and organic cotton and bamboo tops, inspired by our love and respect of animals and for Mother Nature…

Shop for women’s tops at the Compassion Collective Tee-Shop today >>

There’s also still time to order art prints from our Etsy shop!*

*Order by midnight TONIGHT Thursday 23rd March 2017 in time for Mother’s Day and select next day option (UK only).

New Spring animal fine art prints by Compassion Collective

We are very excited to announce the arrival of brand new and revamped animal inspired Giclée Fine Art prints in our Etsy shop – including badger prints by Dorset Artist Sam Cannon some of which are exclusively available online from the Compassion Collective.

We donate a percentage of our Etsy shop profits to Compassion in World Farming to help improve the lives of animals farmed for food, and also to our local group Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare to help fund badger vaccination projects and to fight the UK badger cull.

Our new ‘Born to Roam Wild’ design by TinCat Design features a wealth of roaming wildlife including; foxes, badgers, otters, a hare, hedgehog, stag, squirrel, owl, bees and butterflies surrounded by a wild scene of curly clouds, an ancient Oak tree, flowers and fauna. It makes a perfect pair to our popular ‘Born to Roam’ farm animals print which is now also available as a matching Giclée print.

All our new prints are printed on archival Fine Art paper using the highest quality Giclée printer and should easily last for 75-100 years without fading. All artwork comes unmounted and unframed, but designed to easily fit standard UK mount/frames and some can be mounted/framed as a rectangular print or cut to be a square print if preferred.

We hope our prints will cheer up any home and make perfect gifts too – and we ship directly from Dorset to animal lovers throughout the world!

Go shopping at our Compassion Collective Etsy Print Shop at: >>

Our Compassion Collective Etsy Print Shop has 100% 5 Star Ratings (55 Reviews)
If you are one of our existing Etsy customer reviewers you can still use your 20% off code we posted to you at any time! If you have forgotten it please email us at confirming your last order 🙂

Compassionate Tee-Shop launch new ‘Really Wild’ t-shirt collection for World Wildlife Day 2017

FREE Delivery All Weekend!*
Celebrate your love for wildlife with our new Really Wild collection of animal inspired t-shirts for true nature lovers, and enjoy free delivery all weekend.

Check out our new Compassionate Tee-Shop at: >>

Animals are always at the heart of everything we do – because we think animals are cool and should be treated with respect and compassion. Our aim is to spread the love for animals and our planet through sustainable tees that make you look cool and feel good too.

World Wildlife Day is held on 3rd March every year, and was set-up by the United Nations to raise awareness of endangered animals and ways to fight against wildlife crime. Many of our British wild animals and insects are also under threat from factory farming, human pollution and persecution.

Impacts of Factory Farming on Wildlife
A percentage of our profits are donated to our favourite charities including Whale and Dolphin Conservation to help protect whales and dolphins, and of course to Compassion in World Farming to help end factory farming…

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Competition! Win an organic animal inspired t-shirt plus a fine art print


Don’t miss your chance to win an animal inspired t-shirt and art print – for true nature lovers!

We’re kickstarting 2017 with a fab giveaway for one lucky winner, as we prepare for the re-launch of the Compassionate Tee-Shop with a brand new collection of awesome animal graphic print t-shirts – with our brand new 100% sustainable suppliers Teemill.

The competition winner will be chosen, notified and announced on 2nd March and asked to choose any new t-shirt from the Compassionate Tee-Shop plus any art print (excluding mount or frame) from the Compassion Collective Etsy Shop.

All you have to do is enter your name and email at our new Compassion Collective website here.

The competition ends midnight 1st March 2017 when we launch our brand new Compassionate Tee-Shop.

Good luck and make sure you share the love with your friends too!

Congratulations to our competition winner: Janet Cowan
A new t-shirt and art print of her choice will be flying their way to her soon 🙂

“Bonnie’s Last Wish for Suffering Donkeys” – Campaign Update 1 Christmas On


THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who purchased our donkey t-shirts, art and xmas cards for our beautiful Bonnie over the past year.

Former Compassionate Dorset volunteer (and massive fan of our Compassionate tees!), Bonnie Christopher launched her own gofundme page back in 2015 to raise funds for the charity Animal Aid Unlimited when she discovered she was battling terminal cancer. In her honour the charity have since set up the ‘The Bonnie Christopher Forever Home for Donkeys’ in Udaipur in India, to help thousands of neglected and abused working donkeys, and give them the love and support (and cuddles!) that Bonnie is no longer able to give directly herself.

We wanted to post a full update below on our various fundraising activities so you can see exactly how much your support and goodwill has been part of making Bonnie’s last wish be fulfilled and to make her work live on even after her death. All the money we have raised is already starting to be put to good use by the charity and will continue to go such a long way to helping donkeys in need…

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Save the Whales – WDC T-Shirts Campaign Update

Blue Whale - Photo Copyright Andrew Sutton
Blue Whale – Photo Copyright Andrew Sutton

model whales series

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our June 2016 campaign and brought a limited edition ‘SAVE THE WHALES’ t-shirt.

We sold 41 t-shirts in 3 weeks, so the Compassion Collective / Compassionate Dorset have now donated 50% of our profits which came to the value of £71.50 donation to WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation. This money will go towards helping their vital work, but more importantly, we hope we have helped to raise awareness for their amazing work to; protect whales and dolphins from threats like hunting, capture for human ‘entertainment’, entanglement in fishing gear and being hit by ships.

Each t-shirt design featured an interesting fact about each amazing character including the; blue whale, sperm whale, killer whale and gray whale.

booandstu-photo-s“I really wanted to design a series of fun t-shirts that would celebrate the individual characters of some of my favourite whales, and help everyone, especially children, really identify with them. I’m hoping they will make people smile when they wear them, as well as raising funds for WDC to help us protect them for future generations.”
– Stu Jones, Designer at Boo&Stu –

Thank you again 🙂 By the way if you like whales keep an eye out here for future t-shirts in the Compassionate Tee-Shop!

Celebrating National Badger Week with “The Ones Who Walk Above”


This week we are celebrating National Badger Week with the Badger Trust and the launch of a very special new children’s book…

National Badger Week is a celebration of one of the UK’s most favourite and unique mammals. The Badger Trust, various members of the Badger Trust’s affiliated member groups, and members of the community are coming together with events across the UK designed to raise awareness of badgers, their protection issues, and to raise funds for the continued protection and welfare of badgers.

We are extremely excited to be supporting a wonderful new book called “The Ones Who Walk Above” which launched with the Badger Trust on 25th June at Lush Oxford Street in London to kickstart Badger Week, and has been illustrated by Compassionate Dorset / Compassion Collective’s very own co-founder Stu Jones! I am of course especially personally excited as Stu’s partner, as I have seen the book develop over the last 2 years, and just how much hard work, love and passion has gone into creating it, and I really hope it shows! (I really enjoyed creating the website myself too at

We had an exciting day at the launch on Saturday with Stu (below far left) and the author Ben Kaye (below left) and were privileged to meet the CEO of the Badger Trust Dominic Dyer (below right) who interviewed them about the book. We also met the inspiring young naturalist Georgia Locock (below right – she’s definitely a face to look out for in future – make sure you follow her blog Georgia’s Wildlife Watch), Kerry McCarthy the former Labour Environment secretary, and the lovely TV naturalist and conservationist Anneka Svenska (far below with Stu and Ben). Continue reading